Being situated within the grounds of Anglican High School, we are actively involved in the school's chaplaincy ministry. 

We believe that it is both our calling, and our responsibility to impart Godly biblical character and values to our students, and to see them rise up into the men and women that God has created them to be. 

There are 2 core areas of our Chaplaincy work - Youthphoria, and Boys Brigade.

Youthphoria is an after-school program that seeks to befriend students, engage them in fun and meaningful activities, and to show who Christ is through Christian Education programmes such as ALPHA Youth. Find out more about them and their activities at their dedicated website here.

The Boys Brigade is a faith-based uniform group that seeks to instil Godly disciplines into the lives of the boys. Character building activities are some of the means towards achieving the goal. Find out more about them from their dedicated website here.

If teaching is something that resonates deeply within you, and you have a passion towards developing Godly character in our students' lives, please click here


Ministry Leader

Ps Aaron Cathigasu (Chaplaincy)

Alvin Chua (Boys Brigade)